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Web Hosting - Future plans???

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Web Hosting - Future plans???

Just looking for an update regarding the future of hosting on plusnet?
Last time I was seriously trying to build a website was around 1 year ago.  I understood then that the new PAYH platform was going to supersede the old CCGI/Frontpage platform which was to be scrapped? 
Has there been a change of direction on this?  It looks like Plusnet are now updating the old CCGI platform and there is not so much discussion regarding the PAYH platform.
Sorry if this topic has already been covered or if I have got the wrong end of the stick.
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Re: Web Hosting - Future plans???

Keep an eye on Service Status and this thread for the latest updates on CCGI.
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Re:Web Hosting - Future plans???

At the moment we're looking to update the CGI service to include PHP5, other than that and removal of the FrontPage service we don't have any immediate plans.
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