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Problems uploading a PDF?

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Problems uploading a PDF?

Hello! Hopefully someone can help me. I am trying to upload a PDF into our webspace so customers can download our catalogue, but for some reason it is refusing to be uploaded. Its 4.3mb, and I have successfully uploaded larger PDFs before.
I am using Dreamweaver CS3 FTP, and it seems to be uploading ok, until i get this error - "The file "/htdocs/BM_catalogue_v2lr.pdf" was skipped". I have tried over 5 days now, so I know its not just having a wobbly. I can also put and get other files with no problems, it just seems to be this PDF.
Has anybody got any suggestion on why this would be? Its driving me mad!
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Problems uploading a PDF?

It is possible that you have used up the File space, you will need to login to the portal and go to:
> Website settings
> My Webspace
To see how much File space you have left.
I hope this helps
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Re:Problems uploading a PDF?

I've not used Dreamweaver for quite a long period so can't remember all the settings. Is there an option to ignore certain file extensions or files over a certain size?
Have you tried using a different FTP client to see if you can upload using that?
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Re: Problems uploading a PDF? FireFTP, an add-on in Firefox. Highly recommended.
Windows 10 Firefox 109.0 (64-bit)
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