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Migrate static IP to new service

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Migrate static IP to new service


I have just migrated from a Plusnet FTTC connection to a Plusnet Full Fibre connection and I had a static IP on the former - is there a way I can migrate the fact I have a static IP to the new connection (I am assuming it would be a new static IP which I have no issue with) or will this have automatically happened?

I keep forgetting to think about this when I am at home during support line opening hours so posting this to see if I can get an answer whilst I am at work and can make a call!



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Re: Migrate static IP to new service

It should have happened automatically.

eta: Welcome to the forum!

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Re: Migrate static IP to new service

Assuming you have upgraded the exiisting account rather than start a new one, then the the static IP. should remain the same

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Re: Migrate static IP to new service

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Re: Migrate static IP to new service

Hiya @mikechilli 


Cheers for getting in touch, I appreciate it. 


I can confirm that it has followed over with the new product Smiley

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