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Webmail slow fix

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Webmail slow fix

Hi folks

For all you people out there who are struggling with and depending on webmail to run smoothly (as can be) I have found a solution after 6 months of frustration and to put it bluntly, blaming PN for delivering an ill operating service. Some seems to be now further from the truth. Either PN has pulled their socks up with webmail and fixed what needed to be fixed on their side or the fix below has finally changed the odds for me. My webmail runs now like a dream apart from the occassional unvoluntary logout mid - email.

The complaint: Not being able to find PN webmail log-in page, log-in slow, inbox refresh slow, after emptying trash not returning to inbox, page refresh hangs etc..oh yes and  'Your connection is not secure' errors.

I already figured (behaviors, as you do) that something wasn't right, some were related to blatently being kicked off the server due to DNS errors (sort that PN will ya!). I have given up on using PN's DNS server settings..and use go*gle or opendns. The other was the eternal insecure connection issues but these could more have to do with firefox's internal probs. Still, for webmail to work one needs a sound base (read browser) to go from. I started looking into the certificate database side of things.

OK the Fix: Platform: Win OS 64 bits      Browser: Firefox 32 bits latest version

note I haven't tested this on other platforms or browsers but guess it is similar..This is a user experience.

The link below will help you on your way or as an resolve in your search for "Happy Web Mailing".

My fix resulted into deleting the cert8.db from my FF profile folder so that FF could generate a fresh one. Instructions on how to do that are halfway down this page un the header "Corrupted Certificate Store".

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Re: Webmail slow fix

Hmm, I can't help but think this might be coincidence. I'm struggling to see how the steps you took could have helped (unless you were affected by a second issue specific to Firefox). It wouldn't explain why a lot of the recent issues are browser agnostic either.

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