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PLUSNET Disapointment

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PLUSNET Disapointment

I want to change my private email address away from Tisacali (TalkTalk) to Plusnet, but after a number of requests to help install a Plusnet email account into my Outlook 365 (where I have 4 email accounts installed, including my Tiscali account) I have been unable to make it work. I follow carfully the instructions downloaded from Plusnet website and I am able to manage most of any work I need to do on my computer and internet installation at my house, but no success.

One of the two Microsoft Exchange email accounts I have is my St John Ambulance email access, you will understand I do not want to damage that access.

It may be my first disapointment with Plusnet, but for something that should be simple to expalin and/or help, it is a big disapointment. I just get lots of messages about things I have not asked about.



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Re: PLUSNET Disapointment

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Re: PLUSNET Disapointment


I use Outlook 2013 rather that 365 but I assume that they are the same for imap or pop.

If you post the non-private settings, I could take a look and compare


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Re: PLUSNET Disapointment


A warm welcome to the forums.

It would help some if you say what is going wrong rather than just it is not working

Also to be clear by Outlook (Office) 365 do you mean the web online interface to email or Outlook 2016 installed on a PC?

What have tried and where does it fail - what error messages do you see?

Are you connecting to the default mail box or a secondary one?

Have you set the mailboxes up on the user portal?

Is your Plusnet service (internet connection) live yet?

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: PLUSNET Disapointment

Thanks for your post @GerardLKIng

Are you able to provide us with an answer to the questions above so we can assist you further?

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