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No email this morning 10 November

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Re: Latest Email Problems

I am on a freenetname account taken over by madasafish then plusnet.

I cant find any reference to the correct pop3 settings. As far as I was told we only have a pop3 option.

Could anyone in the know please provide the best server settings for me and other freenetname users to use?

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Re: Latest Email Problems

Not really linked to the recent email problems... the server settings for madasafish should be..

IMAP - port 993 TLS/SSL

POP3 - port 995 TLS/SSL

SMTP - port 587 STARTTLS

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Re: Latest Email Problems

For info I am also still on Freenetname through plusnet. I use Thunderbird for my mail (in and out) and settings are:

SMTP:                            smtp - (default)

POP Mail Server:            Server name

                                        User Name       'my user name'    - (the bit before


Hope this helps