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No email this morning 10 November

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Re: No Email Access

Weird: emails that appeared in my Inbox in the last 90 minutes have disappeared.

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Re: Unable to access my email via Outlook Sever constantly rejecting my credentials

Thanks for the reply. I now have connectivity to my email account but 30 hrs worth of emails are missing. I started receiving emails again at 02:18 this morning (Thurs) there is a huge gap between Tuesday 20:12 and then. It is possible some of the mails were just delayed as some mails are received are relevant to a company I was dealing with, but others I was expecting are not there. Is it likely PN have lost peoples emails due to this outage and should I now be approaching my bank and others to resend to me?

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Re: No Email Access

Yes, I'm in now, but it's slow and faltering (it nearly always is anyway, but currently far worse than normal).  The service status says a further repair will take place overnight.


I wonder how Plusnet could be convinced to take this more seriously.  It's a vital part of customer service to me, due to wanting to keep my exact email address (and not wanting to go with any of the major email platforms). Sound's like I'm far from alone in that.  Businesses need to listen to their customers.

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Re: No Email Access

Not working at all for me at the moment (Globalnet email). It was working briefly this morning and a few emails appeared, but since this afternoon it's back to failed login on webmail and time out with email clients.

Absolutely still not fixed.

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Email problems

I am also affected by this. No messages received at all yesterday (10th Nov), a few appeared today up until 13:40, nothing since.

Can anyone at Plusnet confirm if any messages sent to me during the service downtime are 'lost', or will they eventually get through?

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Re: No Email Access

Got some emails via K9mail app on android.earlier but now all quiet again

Outlook will still not log in

Webmail still wont show emails only an empty inbox with a mail count number on.

Im originally a  freenetname / madasafish customer so may have different setup etc.

Not good 2 days with no working email.

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Re: Email down since yesterday evening

To be fair, PN's email has been very reliable for me over many years, but this is indeed a nasty one.

I primarily use Outlook as client on my PC and sync my email account  to mobile devices via IMAP.

PN's latest update at 16.30 Thursday doesn't quite acknowledge everything that's currently happening.

1) It's true I am receiving some emails (arriving several hours late).

2) But I cannot send any emails. They are all  blocked with the message: "Sending reported error (0x800CCC0F). The connection to the server was interrupted."

3) My email is not syncing with mobile devices.

The latest update suggests both receive and send are possible (with a delay).

This is not the case with sending. That fails completely. It would be nice to know that the PN staff busting a gut to get all this repaired are aware of this.


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Re: Where Are My Emails?

Yeah that's soooo helpful @Townman 

How about you consider whether people actually understand what is going on. Because it sure as heck seems like Plusnet don't know!

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Re: No Email Access

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Re: No Email Access

I am now receiving some emails. I suspect, from the time stamps, that these are being resent from the originating email server. Who knows how many have been lost without trace. My credit card company sent me a text message!

I am however still unable to send any emails. I don't however get any errors reported by Thunderbird. It just says sending and that goes on forever until I cancel it (I have left it at least 5 minutes).

Webmail is not working for me. I can sometimes login but it does not display my emails properly.

How much longer do we have to wait with so little information forthcoming from Plusnet?

Can anyone suggest an alternative reliable email service provider that can host my email domain?

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Re: No Email Access

Same here - freenetname / madasafish customer and Outlook won't log in. I really hope this doesn't kill off the domain-name-based E-mails or I'm screwed (about 100 different addresses to change!).

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Re: Latest Email Problems

I can now receive emails but I cannot send them. Sending from T'Bird failed with a timeout message.
"The message could not be sent using Outgoing server (SMTP) for an unknown reason. Please verify that your Outgoing server (SMTP) settings are correct and try again."

I have also retained waitrose - sending from there results in same message.

I have a johnlewsbroadband email account - cannot send from that either.

I tried sending from my gmail account to both plusnet and waitrose and jl - sending both worked. Have yet to receive them in my inbox.

PlusNet's latest message states only that there may be delays in sending and receiving, implying that sending works. It's not working if the sending delay exceeds the timeout.

Some emails this morning took over half an hour to arrive in my inbox after sending from a website. Nothing at all has arrived since lunchtime.

This outage is now serious.I was unable to attend a webinar yesterday because the link email didn't arrive.

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Re: Latest Email Problems

Me three 😞 Although the system did return to some semblance of normality late this morning and early afternoon, it is now faulty again and I don't seem to be able to send or receive emails. It's nearly 48 hours now since the problem started for me; not a good enough service, Plusnet.

Ray Carpenter. 

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Re: Another cannot send email

Well i was hoping that my problem with sending was going to resolved by the sorting of the general email issue but no such luck.


Any idea what to do next if i can't even get telnet to connect?

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Re: Latest Email Problems

When I said "some emails this morning took over half an hour to arrive in my inbox after sending from a website", I double-checked - it was well over two hours.


11 Nov 2021 12:41:38


Thu, 11 Nov 2021 14:53:39