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TBB Ping Graphs

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Re: TBB Ping Graphs

Errors, instability, for a period

I hadn't noticed anything untoward. Fortunately things do seem to have settled down now OK.
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Re: TBB Ping Graphs

Chances are you wouldn't have - you rarely do.
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Re: TBB Ping Graphs

TBB Ping Graph
<a title="Broadband Ping" href=""><img alt="My Broadband Ping - RogerFibre" src="" /></a>
My fibre service remains stable and continues to perform well.  I wonder if the red blip at about 01.30 which I have previously noted to be associated with a change in gateway marked the start of the new plusnet network referred to elsewhere being part of the "WBMC Datacentre In Building Handover (IBH) at Telehouse North" process designed I understand to reduce congestion. My gateway remains unchanged.