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What is high packet loss??

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Registered: ‎03-11-2011

What is high packet loss??

As i know nothing about high packet loss. I'm just trying to find out what it is and why its causing me so many problems?Huh
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Re: What is high packet loss??

Hi Craig, packet loss is caused in a number of ways, basically packet loss is when data doesn't make it to it's destination and is lost in the network. I see you've opened another thread in feedback section but ill keep everything related to your issues here this now. PN staff don't really monitor the forums at the weekend unless they are on at home so hopefully they will investigate tomorrow for you.
In the meantime us lot will try and help you! We need some info as a starting place:
Router you're using
How you connect to it? Wired/wireless
Speedtests and router stats
If you can follow this post to get all that info and paste it here we can see if we can shed any light on your issues Cheesy,96155.0.html
Sorry if you've already provided this before to PN but we are customers just like you so can't see your account or ticket history!