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Speed Issues

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Registered: ‎09-04-2022

Speed Issues

Hi all,


I had a new line installed last year, I got Unlimited Fibre Extra and for the first few weeks I was getting 78Mbps. I am very close to the cabinet (by road and as the crow flies). The engineers had to pull a brand new cable through.


Quite a few months went by without me even using the line (modem was off) as I was renovating the house. A few months ago I switched the router on, however initially I could only get 44Mbps which was bang on the Minimum Guaranteed Speed. The speed has improved slightly since then and I now get around 49Mbps on a speed test.

Does anyone know why this is?

My signal stats according to the router are:

Noise Margin: 5.9/4.1

Line attenuation: 17.7/15.9

Signal attenuation: 17.6/15.9

I have attached the BT availability checker speeds.


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Re: Speed Issues

What are the sync speeds reported by the router?

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Re: Speed Issues

Thanks a lot for getting in touch and I'm sorry to see that you're having speed issues. Testing the line from our side hasn't uncovered any issues, though sync speeds do look a bit low. As you're connected via L2TP though, I've increased the speed profile on the account, can you please run another speed test in an hour or so?

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds