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Wifi dropping all the time

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Wifi dropping all the time

I have been a customer of Plusnet for a long time and had their fibre optic broadband since it came out but my iPhone will not connect to the WiFi it just keeps dropping off and saying incorrect password I’ve tried everything turning my phone and router off going to hub Manager page but it is still doing it. I’m not ringing Plusnet again I have had to ring them twice a week for last few weeks because my speed is none existence and changed channel more times because I was told to! (Plus not all the staff have a clue what they are doing it takes 4 rings to get a fix for any problem until you get a techy who knows what they are doing)But still keep having problems with them none of us should have to mess about with task manager etc that’s what we pay a monthly fee for to be honest I’m so fed up when my contract is up I will be going elsewhere which is sad because I’ve been with Plusnet from the beginning 😥 I’m at the end of my tether with this WiFi thing tbh any lovely people out there can help?Huh
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Re: Wifi dropping all the time

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Re: Wifi dropping all the time

Plusnet supplies an internet connection.

Wifi is simply an affair between you and the router.

Try running a speedtest over ethernet - if its not OK raise a speed fault with Plusnet.

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