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USB port(s) not working ...... (EDIT>>>> Tis Now Fixed ! !

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USB port(s) not working ...... (EDIT>>>> Tis Now Fixed ! !

Oh dear... not a happy chappy ..... got me a Android tablet today, and wanted to put some of my music tracks on it... so I plugged in the mini usb cable and then plugged in the USB to the USB on my Dell Inspiron1545 Laptop, to download the tracks.... now the Mouse does not work...(although it does light up) ... nor does my memory stick show on "my computer"... ( although it does light up)...   nor does my USB/Serial adapter (there`s no light on that, and it doesn`t show up on Device Manager, so I can`t reset the COMPORT number.. javascript:void(0);
The touchpad does work,... but I hate using that.... There are three USB ports on this laptop, and all are the same....
Any advice / Help Please.... ?
I have done a re-boot with the USB/serial device plugged in but no change... also no recognition of the mouse either...

ok... found a fix on  t internet ! ! ... ( google is my friend.... sometimes  Cheesy )
Here is what it said...... and... surprise surprise... it worked ! ! ! ....

Shut down laptop
Remove AC power cord
Remove the battery
Press and hold the laptop power button for 30 seconds
Reinstall the battery
Reconnect the AC power cord
Restart laptop
Reconnect and try USB mouse

The thing is... will it happen again, when I plug in the tablet ? ?