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Troubleshooting Homeplug + Unmanaged switch

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Troubleshooting Homeplug + Unmanaged switch

Hi all

I'm trying to add a few more ethernet ports to a pair of BT Broadband Extender 500's using a switch as per this setup:

FibreRouter---Homeplug 1~~~~~~~Homeplug 2------Switch

I bought a Netgear 5-Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Desktop Switch DES-1005D/B to do it with but none of the devices seem to be able to obtain an ip.

The odd thing is that the router is 'seeing' them and the PS4 for example is being given an ip -its just the PS4 doesn't recognise or pick it up. Same for the TV. A second weird thing is the allocated ip is changing by 1 on the router each time the process fails.

Any ideas for troubleshooting / fixing this gratefully received!




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Re: Troubleshooting Homeplug + Unmanaged switch

So the router thinks it has assigned an IP address to the devices but the devices don't agree?

How about the configuration FibreRouter-----Switch (for the purposes of troubleshooting); does that work?

The router will allocate IP addresses that it doesn't think are already in use so I don't see anything unusual in the fact that it keeps incrementing the IP address it allocates.  


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Re: Troubleshooting Homeplug + Unmanaged switch

Surely the router should not know that the devices are plugged into a switch?

It should just allocate IP addresses, with no knowledge of ethernet ports?

If it makes any difference, I've got a switch plugged into a router and a second switch plugged into the first switch.

All cables are over ethernet cable though.

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Re: Troubleshooting Homeplug + Unmanaged switch


Have you tried to use the switch without the homeplugs, just to make sure that the switch is working?

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Re: Troubleshooting Homeplug + Unmanaged switch

 Thanks all. I'll test the switch direct with the router to eliminate that first. I'll also try running a long ethernet to the router direct from the Ps4.