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This connection is not private.

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This connection is not private.

When trying to access the member centre I sometimes get a message that says.....This connection is not private..and someone may be trying to impersonate this site......

There are a number of additional details which list Sagecom, France.

And something about a self signed key.

This has just started happening over the past few days.....

Using a iPad....OS is the current version.

Anyone any ideas ?

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Re: This connection is not private.

On what pages are you seeing this? Are you able to provide a screenshot? If your Internet drops during one of these transactions, there's a possibility the router is trying to intercept the session to present some diagnostic help in your browser (the router is manufactured by Sagemcom). If this is attempted over HTTPS, then the cert will be presented as self-signed, because it is.

Bob Pullen
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