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Problem with 4k Video Downloader

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Problem with 4k Video Downloader

I have been having problems when using 4k Video Downloader ever since they upgraded from version 4.19.3, so I learned to stay on that version and most videos from youtube were downloadable to my pc. I last used 4k Video successfully in mid March. However, a couple of days ago I tried to download another video, but 4k Video crashed out without complaining during the Parsing stage. I tried unistalling and reinstalling, but I could only install the latest version, and that didn't solve the problem. I eventually found the 4.19.3 installation software on my pc and was able to reinstall that, but again it didn't solve the problem. I can watch the video directly from youtube, its just the download that doesn't work.

Has anyone on the forum had similar problem, and did you find a solution? I have contacted the 4k Video Help people, but I suspect the problem may be on my pc rather than with their software. Could it be lack of space on my hard drive - I'm down to lkess than 4Gb space?

Thankyou for any help