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Infected device warning

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Infected device warning

Can someone help, as well as being a Plusnet customer I also had a wireless connection with another supplier, Acorn Broadband Scotland. They have just cancelled my contract for security and privacy reasons, telling me that they were aware of problems that I had with my IP address being blacklisted, they tell me that they moved me to a static ip to monitor this and for the purposes of isolating my connection, Telling me that it is not normal and they suspect that something may be infected on my network.

My IP address was flagged for abuse by cogent on the 12th January, for the first of a three strikes then out policy, they attached part of a comprehensive evidence report that means absolutely nothing to me, but the say that it is related to. Hopefully attached.

This device has been detected as Caught scanning for web/mail exploits/ compromised hosts over the IP address assigned to you by Acorn broadband, I suggest you contact the services of a third party to assist you with this issue, prior to signing up or Continuing (my concern for Plusnet) with another provide.


They said the issue was clearly at my end, and quite a serious one causing problems for them and their network.


Nothing has ever flagged up to me on my Plusnet account and I have very little knowledge on this, they asked if I had a jail broken fire stick or similar which I don’t, or if I have visited dodgy sites to view football etc, I think I know what they were implying but don’t! 

Can any body advise on what I should do or who to contact to find this device, I scanned my laptop with malwarebytes as recommended by Acorn but have lots of other devices, fire sticks (not jail broken) Xbox, mobiles and iPads, not got a clue where to start with this and rather concerned by the tone of the email.


Any help/advice would be much appreciated before I cause a problem with my Plusnet connection.

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Re: Infected device warning

Hi @Billy7 welcome to the forum.

Was the email addressed to you by name or a generic name?

Have you phoned Acorn Broadband using the phone number on their website to see if this is a genuine email. Do not use a phone number on the email

Emails of this type are intended to panic you into making bad discissions and could actually be fake.


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Re: Infected device warning

As an added check.... does your wifi connection wtih Acorn Broadband Scotland still work ?  

If it does, then I would be, like @Dan_the_Van ,  very suspicious of any emails, metioning "cancel your account due to security issues".. Do not click on any links in the email(s).  contact Acorn via other means, to ascertain what is going on.


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Re: Infected device warning

Something similar received by my neighbour. Anyone can find your IP address so you should indeed contact Acorn by phone to the number on your invoice/original application. Meantime be ready for another email in which some helpful person will offer the software to remove your infection in exchange for your bank and/or credit card details.

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Re: Infected device warning


it was definitely from Acorn, they have terminated my contract and supply because of the infected equipment. The email was 100% from them, I also contacted the local company that they are associated with in my area and he said the report was genuine 


The timing was strange though as I chose to post on Facebook how bad their service was, they originally told me that they didn’t want an unhappy customer so would just remove the service, then after my post the sent me an email telling me how this was all my fault and it happened because of me, saying that they didn’t expect an apology as I was horrible and disrespectful to them.

Not a clue what is going on but I am concerned about the situation 

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Re: Infected device warning

I also received a call from the Gov.Scot R100 deployment manager as the service was provided through them, he wanted to know how he could help but it is beyond that now as they have cancelled my contract.

This was part of the program where we were all entitled to speeds of 30mb or more, unfortunately because of my location my Plusnet speed currently sits at 1.2mb, hence why I went to Acorn, they have been nothing but problems form the start to finish, just wondered if they were trying to justify this or do I have a real proem with one of my devices.

Don’t want to cause problems to Plusnet as well if they are right?