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Improving phone lines have upset my HUb2

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Improving phone lines have upset my HUb2

I am trying to improve my home telephone system, that had incoming cables & internal cables directly connected. The new Hub 2 router worked OK plugged into an extension socket - with the occasional drop out at peak times. The phones worked OK but were a bit quiet.

I tried to fit an Open Reach Mk4 Master socket.
My supply cable is 4-strand Orange / Blue / Brown / Green (house built in 1970s).
I connected Orange to A on the back plate & Blue to B on the back plate.
Both my phone & my router work from the test socket

However, with the cover on the master socket, the router no longer works.
Have I got a faulty master socket?

I want the router to work as before on an extension socket in the next room. The 4-strand extension cable is Blue flex White / White flex Blue / Orange flex White / White flex Orange. I tried connecting the Blue/White to 2 & the White/Blue to 5 on the front of the back plate. The phone works on the extension but the router doesn’t.

What should I try next?

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Re: Improving phone lines have upset my HUb2

The blue connector on the front of the backplate is for filtered sockets ( i.e telephones ) . If you want an extension that can be used for broadband , you need to connect it to the unfiltered connector on the back of the faceplate.

See this for a better explanation

Note that if you wire an extension to the unfiltered connector, then any phone plugged in at the extension must be connected using a filter

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Re: Improving phone lines have upset my HUb2

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