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BT Sport through Plusnet

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BT Sport through Plusnet

I have just had an email through advising that from 4 August, BT Sport (including the new Europe channel) is increasing from £7.49 to £12.49. Thats £9.99 for the standard channels and £2.50 for HD.
Bearing in mind that the original price is half of what you would pay i wonder if this is still the case?
Either way, its a £5 rise for the chance to watch the European football competitions, which i guess is not bad when you consider Sky put sport up by £4 and they have lost the Champions League.
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Re: BT Sport through Plusnet

I have also just received the same email. For me this is a step too far... I only subscribe to BT Sport for the MotoGP coverage. I have no interest whatsoever in domestic football let alone european football. But to watch the sport I love I now find myself subsidising yet another channel that I have no interest in. This represents a price increase of over 66% which to me is totally unacceptable. I will be voting with my wallet and cancelling  Cry