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ip cams running default user pass creds

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ip cams running default user pass creds

Just pm oldjim with details of a pn IP running a CCTV of a clothes shop running with default login details, maybe flag this issue up in forum or news letter Undecided 
Am sure people are up to worse stuff as I I got bored an sat on tab and found my way to the banner search engine an one more Google to find list of default login details by brand. Its to easy and till all manufacturers force a credentials setup on first time install am sure pn customers would respect PN normal caring manner in matters that effect them but other isps just leave there customers to the wolves
IP cams are wonderful but only if you know how the beast works to protect you fully,
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: ip cams running default user pass creds

Thanks very much for highlighting - I'll get in touch with Oldjim and see what we can get sorted out.