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Good customer service - again

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Good customer service - again

I recently had a broadband fault - iver the period of a day or so the internet slowed until it finally stopped altogether and the phone stopped working.
I reported it to PN on the phone - the waiting time was only about 10 minutes. Unfortunately it was Thursday afternoon and by the time it had been checked and reported to Openreach - it was the weekend, so the local Openreach technician didn't et to us until the next week. He found that the wiring between the junction box outsid ethe house to the master socket was faulty - and indeed he said the wiring done by either the builders or the technician installing the master socket had done it incorrectly !.
All was quickly repaired and I was back up and running.
We had had thunder and lightning in the area - so it was surmised that the bad electrical contacts were affected by the surge down the line. I have certainly heard of such things before.
Although the router was working - the tech suggested that the router may have been unduly stressed and should be replaced.
I reported this all to PN in the ticket #81317046  - and they agreed to send a new router if I paid the standard post and packing.
Altogether i was very pleased with the service I received from the PN and Openreach staff.
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Re: Good customer service - again

Hi Mal,
Thanks very much for your feedback.
I'll make sure your comments and feedback are passed onto the support teams that helped Smiley