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(Note to DCT, this is not my line in this tale, but it is a PN customers who wishes to remain anonymous)
I'd just like to give a little feedback about our encounters with customer support following a speed reduction following the bad weather we had a couple of weeks ago.
It was a wet and windy night in Wales (when is it ever not?) and this seemed to cause the line to drop and resync several times over the course of the night.
When the line finally came back up it was at 576/288 and the PN supplied Thompson 582n could sync but not establish a PPP session.
A 'No Connection' fault was raised which was subsequently closed by the customer when an additional router became available to test with. This synced at 576/288 also, but was able to provide a PPP session.
We waited several days to see if BRAS would raise the line speed but it was still stuck at 576/288 with SNR of 31/26 A 'Poor Speeds' fault was then raised with a note that 3 speed tests would not be performed as we usually sync at the full 8128/443 and we still have an attenuation of 5/4.
In the ticket a SNR reset was requested. This wasn't performed and instead a SFI engineer was booked.
The engineer turned up, tested the line (didn't replace the old socket with an NTE5 as was in his notes, or perform any other work) and declared that we've been put on a the ancient 512 kb fixed rate profile and were not longer on dslMAX.
After a lengthy (1 hour) phone call to his office he was able to have the profile reset back to dslMAX, and the old sync was restored and the PN profile picked up the change within a couple of hours.

Looking over the ticket notes, I can clearly see that the profile is listed as
BRASadsl500Profile Info6dB/Fast
My questions are as follows:
Will 20CN DLM lock you down to a fixed-rate profile following disconnections?
Do the faults team know to check for this before booking an engineer?
Since the product being paid for is an 'up to 8Mb' and not a fixed line speed, is any refund due?
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Re: Storms

Good morning avatastic,
On 20CN the 'Product' (Max/Fixed Rate) shouldn't be automatically changed - this is only changed by ourselves or we instruct our suppliers to do this on our behalf. I can confirm what happened in this case as the customers wishes to remain anonymous, but that's how that part works.
On 20CN we only have the option to SNR Reset to 6db, we don't get options for 3,9,12 or 15db unfortunately. As an SNR Reset was requested, this should have been done at the first port of call really. With 20CN it's not quite that simple all the item though. There's no banding as such, the SNR is inflated instead. If there wasn't a fixed rate product for example and you were syncing at 576, I'd be inclined to find out why the SNR has shot up - something I'd call you to discuss with you I'd think.
Now, to me, it's really obvious this is a fixed rate product just by looking at the upstream sync rate, they are always generally 288K on fixed rate products. This should have been checked - I'd love to provide feedback on this but as you say, the customer would like to remain anonymous, if this changes, feel free to PM me details and I'll take this up with the Faults Team Leaders.