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I`m a new user with all the same problems of getting answers from raising a ticket, I can get an email sent to the plusnet email site but when I go back to see it the mail has disappeared and theres nothing there.  I`m still getting it from tiscali though, on its windows mail and I`m scared to change that as I`d lose it all. As far as I know I`ve cancelled tiscali- so how am I still getting their emails and how do I keep them on plusnet once I`ve read them?
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Re: email

You are presumably using POP3 which doesn't leave a copy on the server unless you set it up to do so.
If you can advise which email program you are using I am sure someone will be able to assist.
This is one example
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Re: email

Hi there,
There's a guide here for setting up Windows Mail. There's no reason why you can't have our mail and Tiscali's mail downloaded to the same Windows Mail installation.
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Hi Mand and Oldjim thankyou both but after trying all instructions from both( one after the other) I lost all connection to internet and had to go to system restore and now I`m getting message error 797.  I still haven`t had an answer from my raised ticket either.  I`m beginning to  think plusnet was a big mistake!
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Re: email2

Quote from: sprog
... and now I`m getting message error 797.

Are you using a router or a USB modem? Have you managed to get back on the Internet or is that what you're having problems with? Your problem is almost certainly related to your setup and I doubt it's anything specific to Plusnet TBH.

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