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Yesterday Plus failure - a minor niggle about the CSC

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Yesterday Plus failure - a minor niggle about the CSC

Good Morning
Just to say that yesterday I had no internet access.
Doing a trace route showed quite clearly that the problem was somewhere within the PlusNet network.
What I should have done was switched off WiFi on my mobile, and then using 3G accessed the PlusNet status pages.
However the mistake I made was to instead call the customer service centre, silly me!
After the usual "security" hoops all these companies make you jump through for vaguely no reason, I asked the CSC operative
whether PlusNet were having any problems as I can trace route as far as their network and my own router appears to be stable &
connected. Not a chance - standard scripted reply to restart the router, which in fairness did restore a very very slow connection.
Personally I think the internal problems at PlusNet started to be resolved around the same time, so my router restart was coincidence
rather than a real solution.
CSC operatives (I think this was a fall-over to a foreign outsourced call centre) really really need to listen a bit more to the customer
enquiry, which was "have you guys got any problems right now, as I don't like restarting my otherwise rock-solid and stable router too many times - because it messes up the BT profile and affects my ADSL2+ 21CN speed - as you know" (I doubt he did know about the 21CN , in fairness)
OK the CSC guy was very polite and well-spoken, but current issues should be available to them - and they should be able to deviate a bit from script especially when a customer asks if they are having any problems. If he'd said yes, and gone into a bit more detail as is available on the status page I would have decided to leave my own router alone.
Otherwise the line & service has been nothing but superb - this is the only the 2nd PlusNet caused downtime I've had in the 3 1/2 years running PlusNet ADSL here. For me the service is superb & reliable.
Best regards,
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Re: Yesterday Plus failure - a minor niggle about the CSC

Hi Ashley,
Thanks for that useful feedback - I have identified the agent who fielded your call and arranged for a feedback session to be delivered.
It does seem like you were affected by our data centre problem yesterday and I would expect the front line guys to have set your expectation accordingly. Major problems of this nature are alerted around the support centre teams and posted on the internal forums so all agents should be adequately briefed. I'll look into why this wasn't the case for your call.