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Worst transfer ever

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Worst transfer ever

My transfer date for phone and fibre broadband was set as Monday 03/06/2013:
1) My phone and broadband from previous supplier was cut off - as expected.
2) Phone service was transferred - I was given the wrong number - Customer service placed an order with BT Openreach for correct number.
3) The phone number I was giving belong to a business that had that number for over 40 years - Plusnet denied any responsibility. The owners suppliers said as far as they were concerned the number still belonged to the owner. In the meantime I'm receiving all of the business customers calls.
4) BT engineer failed to show up for the fibre install - BT Openreach to blame.
5) Had to cancel the re-number order as it was blocking another Fibre install order being placed.
6) Fibre install finally happened on Thursday 06/06/2013.
7) I phoned to inform support so they could get on with activating it - "You have to wait until the system updates..."
Cool Service didn't activate until 11pm.
9) Friday 07/06/2013 - I had to phone support to get the re-number order going again and was told it would complete on 18/06/2013
10) Tuesday 18/06/2013 9pm - Phoned customer support as number hasn't changed. "It's showing as delayed. We don't know when it will complete."
11) Thursday 20/06/2013 - Message received from plus net to say the re-number order is complete
12) Oh no it isn't
13) Phoned customer support again to find out what is going on. "Unfortunately there is a problem... Our suppliers said it will be sorted in 4 days but we think this is wrong... We'll keep an eye on it..."
14) Tuesday 25/06/2013 - Still nothing so I phoned again... "Oh we need to chase this with our suppliers..."
15) Later that day "The order wasn't built correctly on the suppliers system. We'll have to cancel the order and place it again".
16) Wednesday 26/06/2013 - Automated message to say it's been returned to the support department... Some one will be in touch - yeah right.
17) Monday 01/07/2013 - Absolutely nothing Angry
I have been with various phone and broadband providers in the past and I have to say this has been by far the worst transfer ever. This whole process has been completely farcical.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Worst transfer ever

I'm really sorry for the above and how the move has gone generally. I've nudged our provisioning team for you to take a look at the number port order, you should be getting an update on that this morning. As soon as that's sorted we'll see what we can do about the rest.