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Connected one day early - very annoyed by the time I wasted on support calls

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Connected one day early - very annoyed by the time I wasted on support calls

I just signed up for Plusnet Broadband 10 days ago and was given a date of 3rd July for the Broadband to be switched from my previous supplier (Be/Sky).  Yesterday (2nd July) our Broadband connection stopped around 09:00.  I spent more than an hour in total on the phone to Be (who should have still been supplying the service) and Plusnet.  Be claimed it was not their problem but that on request they would escalate the outage to BT, but they would take at least 24 hours to respond, which might be rather pointless, as service was due to end anyway the next day.  Plusnet help were adamant that Be were still responsible for service and that they were not due to take over until the following day.
That evening (around 22:15 I got a text message from Plusnet saying "your order has been completed".  This wording is very poor, but it apparently means that "you can go ahead and connect your modem/router".  I did this, and it (eventually) worked. 
I am very annoyed that I had to spend so much time on the phone trying to work out what was going on, and got false assurances from both Be/Sky and Plusnet that it was not their problem, and that the switchover was going to happen the following day.  We also spend an additional £5 on mobile data charges in order to get internet access from a smartphone and set it up as a wireless hub. 
I am due to have my home phone service switched on some date still to be advised from BT to Plusnet - I hope that this goes much more smoothly, but await events with trepidation.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Connected one day early - very annoyed by the time I wasted on support calls

Hi there,
Sorry about that - we were given the date by our suppliers (as were Be) but it sounds like it was completed early - though from what you've said it sounds like we told you as soon as we were made aware?
Likewise I apologise that you weren't happy with the wording of the text, though there would only be the one order we could be telling you about.
I hope the phone transfer goes through more smoothly than this.