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Waiting times

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Waiting times

I have just changed from BT who's customer service was rubbish and used Plusnet as their service was supposed to be good. I have just spent this morning getting in touch with Plusnet and I am not impressed. We moved to this house and the lie and fibre were installed in time however the telephone line did not work. We went on honeymoon and I have now tried to sort it out spending this morning trying to speak to someone eventually using the chat service. It appears there is a fault so open reach are sorting it however it also appears that if its in a certain area it will be my fault at a cost of £65. I fired off an lengthy email only for it to bounce back with some nonsense about emails can get lost etc which is rubbish to be honest. My options are another long wait either by phone or online chat which to be honest is a waste of my valuable time so much for good customer service. The problem is I won't pay the £65 they can take the line out for us as we use our mobiles so it would be a waste of money. I have made a big mistake I think joining plusnet at least with BT you could email or make an online complaint so I will certainly not be staying and reflect this on trustpilot etc.    

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Re: Waiting times

Hi @algarinej and welcome to the forums.


I'm sorry you've had issues getting through to us this morning and I'm sorry that you appear to have a fault. 

Regarding the £65.00 engineer charge, this is only payable when either

  • The engineer is unable to gain access to the property when they arrive to fix the fault
  • The problem is with your equipment or the properties internal wiring.


I'm sure you'd agree that in both of these scenarios it's not unreasonable for us to pass some of our costs on to the customer because if the engineer is unable to gain access they are unable to fix it or if your internal wiring in your property is at fault this is outside of our suppliers control and outside of there responsibility, 


We only charge the customer when we've been charged by our suppliers ourselves and even then we only pass on a fraction of the costs and as such we defend all charges robustly and part of the reason we ask you carry out before we book an engineer is to minimise the chances of you being charged for the visit.


 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager