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Thumbs up....a bit good news for a change

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Thumbs up....a bit good news for a change

Just wanted share a positive experience to show its not all bad.


Purchased 4 sims online, all delivered 2 days later, ported all 4 numbers using the text service. All changed over within 48 hours with minimal (30 minutes max) down time.

Spoke to CS to get the smart caps lowered to £2, on hold for approx 10 minutes then ll sorted within 10minutes.

Used online chat to all sims voicemail service turned off. immediate connection and all done within 5 minutes

So far strong, stable and fast 4G on all 4 handsets (Samsung S7 & S6 and Iphone 5s & 6s) calls and texts workin gas they should.


So big thumbs up from me for £8 a month.

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Re: Thumbs up....a bit good news for a change