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This needs correcting

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This needs correcting
3. How to switch between a dynamic & static IP
Plusnet Unlimited / Unlimited Fibre
Go to Add-Ons, which you'll find under Connection Settings in My Account
From here, you can see your current IP address settings. Switch between static and dynamic by clicking the button.
Please note:
    There's a £5 setup fee to activate a Static IP
    You'll need to reboot your router before the change takes effect
    If you remove a Static IP, you're unlikely to get the same address if you switch back in the future
    Add-Ons will not appear for accounts where switching is not available
You do not need to reboot the router - a simple disconnect/reconnect will do it
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Re: This needs correcting

That's what I did Oldjim, but I wanted to point to the help file.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: This needs correcting

Thanks for the suggestion Jim,
This has been discussed quite a bit before. The reason we've mentioned a reboot rather than a soft disconnect/reconnect as advising customers on mass to do that could drive a lot of support requests our way for advice on how to log into the router and do that.
Also we're happy that an occasional/one-off reboot shouldn't have any negative impact.
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Re: This needs correcting

It's written that way so when people complain about slow speeds they can fob them off by blaming them for rebooting the router! Tongue
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