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The PlusNet Web-site.

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The PlusNet Web-site.

Prompted by this thread:


I must say that I struggle finding information on the PlusNet web-site. I suspect that the trouble is down to trying to make it simple; what's simple to one person isn't to another.

For example when I joined I was told I'd be 'given' a router worth £40 but no other details. External research suggested it'd be a F@ST2704N but there were no specifications for this on the web-site, or none that I could find. When I got it I didn't use it for the first week as it took that long to find how to get at the DHCP settings.

What I'd like to see is some sort of "Geeks' Corner" that has the technical information for the minority that want it but can easily be avoided by those who don't.

At the very least a glossary would be handy — either on the main site or on the forum — eg what is a GEA Test, Bridge Tap, FTTP &c. What do the various router stats mean. When is one better than ten and vice versa. I know some of this stuff but by no means all. Yes, information can be found elsewhere but it would be nice to have it in one place and know it specifically relates to PlusNet rather than being generic.

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Re: The PlusNet Web-site.

I love this idea, I'll put it forward for discussion next week. 

Thanks for taking the time to provide the feedback.

 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager