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Support by Email

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Support by Email

Hi guys,

is there an email address somewhere that simple (and relatively non-urgent) queries can be dealt with instead of having to waste my precious time waiting for the support team to eventually get round to answering the phone???

Thanks in advance



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Re: Support by Email

There is no email support at all.

There is live chat when it is alive.

There is also Facebook and Twitter.

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Re: Support by Email

Thanks for your reply.

I have been waiting in the queue now for well over 20 mins..

Live chat has been "unavailable" all day.

I dont do social media, I consider it a blight on society.

So much for "well do you proud" eh?



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Re: Support by Email

@MerlinBeeching  Re - Live Chat.... it can be frustrating .... esp when it shows "unavailable"... this is usually caused by, either, your browser or addons blocking "live person" .. OR... they haven`t got enough staff to deal with the number of prospective "live chatters"  ! ..

If you download and install "Internet Explorer"    or  "OPERA"  and use them ONLY FOR LIVE CHAT,  (or if your present browser fails).. without any changes to the setup state, you may find that you get through.using this url.....


Easier than trying to sort out your current browser/addons status.



Note... you may have to wait.... but you should be informed of your place in the queue, as opposed to  being harrangued with "MUZAK" and adverts to chat on line hanging on the phone, and not knowing where you  are in the queue ! 



P.S.   Late  in the day , or early morning  opening times, are bestest ! ! .

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Re: Support by Email


There used to be a ticketing system but PN in their infinite wisdom dropped it (although response times left a little to be desired sometimes).

Maybe the next best thing is this Community Forum.  Depending on the nature of your problem, it's possible to get a result using the correct sub-forum, take your pick.

At least if you use the forum you get a 'written' trail of interchanges between yourself and PN which a phone-call or web-chat may fail to provide, with the added benefit that other members may be able to help with advice.  Obviously if it's a personal matter you may not wish to go that route.  Smiley

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Re: Support by Email

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