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I`m Free & didnt cost me a penny....

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I`m Free & didnt cost me a penny....

Plusnet... ? What happened to you guys.


I was a customer with guys a long time ago when you were F9. The service was superb and if ever their was a problem, 3 rings on the phone and a human would pick up, and he knew exactly what he was talking about.

I have had a terrible service with Plusnet since changing from SKY.

 Router had not arrived on connection day. 1. Called Plusnet 90mins on the phone. New router posted. Received 5 days after connection date- 5 days no internet...

 Every morning the router would drop connection and clear all devices from its software. Every morning I would have to log all devices back in to router. 2. Called Plusnet 60mins on the phone. We will send out another router. 7 days later Router arrives.

 New router keeps dropping out connection..8-9 times a day. 3. Called Plusnet. 80mins on the phone.  Person on the phone confirms we have a problem. Book morning off for engineers visit.

 Engineer calls. Faulty connection in cabinet. Says he fixed it..

 Still the connection drops out.. 4. Call Plusnet 95mins on the phone. I want out of this contract the service is shocking. I'm sorry sir you will need 3 more engineer visits before we even consider letting you go !!!.........

Anyway to cut a very long and painful story short.. I called Plusnet a total of 9 times to get this far.

OK I feel my blood pressure rising again..


I'm gong back to SKY

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Re: I`m Free & didnt cost me a penny....

Just because you've been told there will be no charge doesn't mean that you won't be threatened with Debt Collectors, see!

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Re: I`m Free & didnt cost me a penny....


Hi @sheba


Thanks for getting in touch.


Having reviewed your account I can see that my colleague is already dealing with this query via a faults ticket here. Please let us know when you migrate to another provider so that we can get this squared off for you. 


Best wishes