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Hello folk's, just wanted to leave some feedback been a customer since 2006 recently switched to Unlimited Fibre as it was the same price as I was paying for unlimited adsl. I was getting 3mb download and 0.3mb upload so It was a win/win situation. Estimated line speed was 52mb with Fibre currently syncing at 71mb download and 14.5mb upload which is phenomenal.  
I was worried the Openreach engineer wouldn't come today with the snow but to my surprise he was here at midday, such a gentleman he was, he was very friendly and as I didn't want the router + modem lying in the hallway by the master socket he popped me down a line running up 3 flights of stairs and into my room and connected all the hardware up there which I am over the moon with as it is the best place to give everyone the best possible connection and means there is no clutter in the hallway. Plusnet staff was very friendly and prompt on answering my questions through the support section, I'm chuffed to bits atm. It's insane to go from 3mb download to these kind of speeds. I can now use the cloud storage stuff  ;D. Hope everyone is ok with the snow, thank you.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Superb

Thanks for taking the time to post, glad to hear you're pleased with the service. Smiley
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