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Slightly Disappointed

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Slightly Disappointed

I rang your technical help line and after a long wait I got friendly person, but they had a very limited remit of what they could help with.
I needed to configure the router to allow access to certain web addresses so a device on my network can configure itself correctly - I can see no way of changing the firewall on the Technicolor TG582n.  He informed me that they could not help with this simple request.  I then ask how I might configure a device to have a fixed ip address, again I can not find this in the router config screens.  again I was informed that this was not something they could do.  I find this astonishing as these are simple tasks I presume and having got through to a person it would have been good to get a response directly, rather than having this route of using forums.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Slightly Disappointed

Hi there,
I'm not sure if any specific addresses are blocked by the router, unless you mean something like port forwarding? I suspect not from context (and sorry if not) but that should be possible via the home network tab.
As for static IP addresses, that should be possible either through the GUI or the router's CLI interface using telnet - there's some info on how to do both in another thread here:,117356.0.html
Hope that helps, and sorry you feel let down - hope that helps.