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Shameful Customer Service

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Shameful Customer Service

Been with Plusnet for a few years now and my contract is up, little did I know that this would start out so innocently and end up with no choice but to leave.
Why? Well I was suddenly faced with a larger monthly bill and realised plusnet had now started charging me £10/Mth for broadband. Looking around both Sky and Plusnet were giving £50 plus free internet. Simple I'll just ring up and change if I don't get the £50 I can live with it.
Little hope after numerous calls inc I'm leaving the best plusnet offered £2.50/Mth. They would rather I left and pay £50 more for a new customer.
Currently I can get £75 with free ADSL or free 76MB/s fibre from competitors.
Liked the service but your marketing and retentions department stink.
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Re: Shameful Customer Service

Please name the competitors, it's healthy for competition hehe and may help someone else Smiley

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Re: Shameful Customer Service

It seems at least another customer has suffered from Plusnet so called Customer service.

I changed my bank on the lst August and all D/D.'s were duly transferred by my new Bank,Nationwide. My Plusnet D/D had been operative for the last 7 years with payment date set at 22nd August and  my new bank confirmed the new account to be operative w.e.f. 12th August.

An Automated request from Plusnet asked me to update my details yet were already quoting my new bank details.

Then the problems started with Plusnet demanding a separate payment of £33.27 and despite an E mail from me explaining the change of Bank etc., they then started interfering with my Laptop screen and breaking into my transactions continually asking for a payment of £33.27 and threatening to impose a charge of £5.67

. I then tried Live Chat and was in a queue of 24 and a delay of 1hour 4 minutes before finally hanging up. I then tried phoning only to hang up after a further wait of 30 minutes. Despite two further E mails no response was forthcoming.

At this stage i  requested a payment  of £50 for the wasted time, print and paper used in creating a record of these events. However, I was unable to use my screen on the 27th August despite the Plusnet messages indicating payment must be made within 14 days of the due date the 5th September.

I decided to use the same Bank D/D details to pay the demand for a separate payment of £33.27and, lo and behold, payment was taken.I now presume a further payment will be taken for the same period when Plusnet wake up and check the D/D mandate from Nationwide.

Whilst all this  had been going on I had visited my local Branch who confirmed everything had gone through and couldn't  understand the Plusnet problem.

Needless to say after 7 years with Plusnet I am in the process of saying A VERY BITTER GOODBYE and hope other prospective customers will take note of the complete lack of Customer service and bullying from this ISP and seek alternative suppliers.

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Re: Shameful Customer Service

Yes you would think things should be reversed. That customers that have been with them for years with no problems would get the best offers. After all it's money for old rope as they say.


But no, who can fathom the "business" brain.

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Re: Shameful Customer Service

For the latest use uswitch.


I'm getting free broadband, phone at £17/mth and a £100 Mastercard from Sky. Been with them before Plusnet.

Plusnet offered me £2.50/mth broadband plus cost of phone. After charging me £10/mth for internet and still continuing this practice despite saying that they would lower to £2.50/mth.


Junior school maths will tell you which is the better deal.