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Still waiting for an swer from support - over a week later.

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Still waiting for an swer from support - over a week later.

Having an issue with my Fiber broadband which has degraded in speed by nearly 20mbit despite nothing changing in my home. Logged a fault only to be fobbed off with Aluminium cables as the reason - house was build < 10 years ago and certainly has copper, not to mention only my Download is affected, not my Upload speed.


Not happy at the response I waited in a MASSIVE chat queue to try and get through to customer service who agreed with me that the speed has degraded and should be better, he asked me to log another fault and this has gone un-responded to for over a week. I'm now yet again waiting in a massive chat queue to get some answers.


What is the craic here PN? I'm paying for your top-tier product which DID offer the speeds advertised, but now has fallen to just above your 'average' fiber product. You dont answer my complaints or fault questions, or when you do you give me [-Censored-] answers.

"Do you proud" what a laughable motto. Sort it out, it would be nice to have some kind of acknowledgement or response to show you maybe even slightly care about your consumers.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Still waiting for an swer from support - over a week later.

Sorry to see your speeds are below the estimates for your line.


I believe our faults team responded to the ticket on your account earlier today advising our suppliers have requested we book an engineer visit to proceed with investigating your fault.

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 Harry Beesley