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Router Glitch

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Router Glitch

I have a Thompson TG585 v8 router. Laugh if you wish.

A week ago the connection dropped one afternoon. I restarted it and noticed that the power light was on solid amber for a couple of hours. Power off and resetting it didn’t fix it. (Amber=Updating)

So I made a phone call to Plusnet and assistant asks me to take faceplate off the main box then plug in the router from there. It starts working again, like immediately. The assistant proudly says he has reconfigured my connection and all is well.


He does point out at length, that there is actually a fault on my line between the main socket and the connection into the other room. He goes on to explain that I can apply to get this fixed via a technician whilst I am on the phone, and this call-out service will be provided free but only IF they do not a fault on the line. A contradiction here if I ever heard one.

I declined the offer and later plugged my router in to its normal socket. Guess what? It started working and has not gone off ever since..........................

So, to round this off:

Only about four months I had the wires extended by a friend who is a professional in this field and have no reason to doubt his skills at the job that he has been doing for 25 years.

Any way, he has since checked the wiring out and could not find any fault what so ever.

Needlss to say, this was done free.

I am cynical..............

Is this Plusnets way of worrying people into paying for extra services they don't require? Some sort of bluff? Or, passing the buck for something they were already aware about and put it right without giving the customer an honest answer and then making excuses. Hmmmmm

It leaves me wondering whether the Openreach team would have found a "fault"? You know, a small chargeable [-Censored-] fault!

I'm getting old and my faith in humanity is waning.Angry

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Re: Router Glitch

No. It's just normal procedure, would be the same with any ISP.

Openreach are responsible for the line up to your premises. They are not responsible for any faults at your premises - you are! The dividing line is at the Openreach Network Terminating Equipment in your home, the Openreach master socket.

If you have an NTE5 style master socket the bottom half of the front plate can be removed by the consumer. This seperates the wiring in your home from the Openreach network. You can then connect equipment to BT style socket behind the consumer front plate - this is the Test socket.

If you use the Test socket and there are still line faults an engineer can be called out and any faults rectified with no charge passed on to you. If there were a fault found on your side (and this includes the consumer plate unfortunately) then a charge will be passed on to you. In theory if no fault is found by the engineer then strictly you are also subject to an Openreach call out charge, but I don't know Plunet's policy in this case.

The NTE5 consumer faceplate therefore allows you to separate the internal house network from the Openreach network, help identify where the fault is located, and so help you to avoid the engineer call out fee.

I hope your router is currently working OK..