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Rip off hidden charges. Shameful customer service.

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Rip off hidden charges. Shameful customer service.

Have been with plusnet for 7 months on the no annual contract broadband deal.  I went for the no annual contract because of the option to leave if unsatisfied.
This is what Plusnet  print in the small print when they suck you in
Broadband with no annual contract: There's a £25 activation charge (you'll pay this even if you add Home Phone to your order). You can use your own router if it's compatible or you can pay for one up front. Minimum term of 30 days.

It is quite clearly stated that fees are payable for leaving a 12 month contract early, but nothing to state that there is a cessation fee for leaving the "No annual contract broadband" package within 12 months. 
All I wanted was to move our account to our new house, and I was told that would cost 65 pounds (10 months worth of broadband) and we would be tied in to a contract for 12 months.  Naturally I rejected this so I have been charged to close my account.  This is outrageous.  I don't care if it is hidden in the terms and conditions, I have looked and can only find out this information when logged in to the plusnet website.
Furthermore Plusnet have decided to terminate my account early and have sent e-mails threatening external debt collectors for unpaid outstanding balances (even though I have done nothing to cancel my direct debit or prevent payment, and I did not want the account closed for another 3 weeks.
I have been with Telewest, Virgin, Sky and BT in the past and I have never had such bad customer service (although BT was pretty bad).
I am astonished at the attitude of their staff on customer helplines.  Luckily for me there is a competitive market, and I will do my best to make sure as few people as possible make the same mistake.
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Re: Rip off hidden charges. Shameful customer service.