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Review of Switching to Plusnet - Good and Bad

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Review of Switching to Plusnet - Good and Bad

After experiencing dreadful customer service from TalkTalk, I decided to switch to Plusnet and chose the Extra Fibre package. I was informed the Engineer would call me once he got to the exchange and again when he was heading to my house, he did neither. I had a feeling things weren't going to be good when my phone line was dead (8am). I assumed that the switch was happening. Engineer arrived at my house, not a directly employed BT Engineer but a sub contractor......anyway, he fitted a new master socket and cabled up the Openreach Modem and the Wireless Router, I asked him about why the phone line wasnt working and he shrugged his shoulders, I then pointed out that there was no Green DSL Light illuminated on the Openreach Modem. He said it would take some time for it to go live......that wasn't what I wanted to hear. He alledgedly called someone and said that the phone line switch was not on his job sheet. Said it would be activated and I quote "sometime today"
Not good at all, so I have no phone and broadband services, my mobile 3G coverage is non existent and relies on a Vodafone Sure Signal via broadband to provide a 3G signal.
When I chased Plusnet up, I was told it would take up to three days to rectfiy, this is truly astounding and unacceptable but was powerless to get things moving any quicker. So from Monday to Wednesday, I had no Broadband, phone line did become active. For a new customer, this is poor to put it mildly. Not a great start to my relationship with Plusnet.
An actual BT Engineer arrived on the third day and was shocked to see that the Master Socket was the wrong one for the Fibre installation and worse was to follow when he discovered at the cabinet, the fibre was not even connected/attached! Within 30 minutes of him arriving, I had Broadband up and running. He was very efficient and knew what he was doing.
In summary, clearly the quality of some BT sub contractors are no match to the directly employed BT Engineers, Plusnet need to look at this very closely as this reflects terribly on them and also on BT too. They need to ensure a higer level of communication betweeen engineers and customers as I felt very much in the dark and without swearing, very very angry and frustrated.
Call Line Indentifier was not activated on my account, this was carried out quickly after I raised it but should have been done to start with.
Email had also not been activated, again sorted out qiuickly but aviodable.
I have to say that customer service has been good as and when required and so much easier talking to a UK based support team. I am no racist but talking to a person that I can understand and more importantly understands me; makes the whole process far easier.  The above experience so far has been regrettable, no offers of compensation or official apology.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Review of Switching to Plusnet - Good and Bad

Hi there,
I'm really sorry about the poor start and the issues you've encountered here.
I'm going to feedback exactly what's happened to our suppliers as I'd hate to think others might receive the same poor service, MBORC (matters beyond our reasonable control) is in effect across several areas now which can mean that subcontractors are relied upon more frequently.
I'm sorry about the issues on our side too, I'll also be taking a look at what went wrong so we can see what we could have done better. By way of a good will gesture I'm making a change to the discounts you have with us, you had 2 x discounts of £14.99 remaining I've removed those and reapplied 3 free months of subscription instead.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team