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Referral not paid via Bacs - and poor staff support

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Referral not paid via Bacs - and poor staff support

My bill was produced this morning , my monthly referrals cover my bb , and has an amount left over , as the left over amount was greater than £5 i was expecting my email to also say (as usual)
and a payment of £6.23 will be made by BACS to your bank account.

But that was missing , on then checking my referrals, the £6.23 was showing , so i decided to chat to an agent .
Explained the situation  , that the referral amount left had not been paid by bacs as normal , agent confirmed ticket had been raised to the correct department.
On checking my account a bit later no open ticket had been created , just a closed ticket to say i had a referral problem . A closed ticket is not going to sort a problem out .
So i decide to ring in , after a 20 min wait , explained all again , a  ticket is raised to the correct department
This is the response #113382960
Thank you for getting in touch, the way your referral credits work is when you are due referral credits this is offset to any charges you receive for you broadband subscription, as you are only paying £7.01 for your broadband subscription after discounts this is the maximum you can receive no matter how much your invoice is. If you are accruing more than £7.01 any referral credit leftover is kept on your account until such a time as you reach £5 in total, once the £5 has been breached you will receive an automatically generated cheque on the following 1st of the month.

Does this agent not understand , that i am always paid by bacs ( never been paid by cheque ) as outlined on the ticket , they have obviously not bothered to read the ticket .
So to sum up:
1st contact agent confirms they have opened a ticket, not correct, they have created a closed ticket with very little detail.
2nd contact , 20 min hold , agent opens ticket.
3nd contact , agent does not read the ticket and gives incorrect information
4th ontact, i post here in the hope someone can look into this or pass to someone who can ?
There is no wonder call times are so long , i should only need to make one contact for this problem , not several. Seems some staff knowledge of PN products and services is lacking in some areas .
Kind Regards

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.