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Poor service, and no help.. was originally great

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Registered: ‎23-07-2020

Poor service, and no help.. was originally great

Several years we’ve been with Plusnet support had always been great our move from BT to Plusnet was seamless. The line wasn’t great so when it was available upgraded to FTTC.. Until the last year we keep on getting speed drops.. unstable line.. unreliable service. This issue has been going on for months on end.. two engineers came out nothing wrong the Openreach side apparently with all their tests.. blamed Plusnet’s Router 2nd engineer advised on the report to replace the router.

From a lot of research and digging on forums seems like the Homehub 5/the Plusnet One Hub (a variant of the HH5) seems to have these exact lines drops and issues and a lot of people have issues with this hardware..

Some feedback would give consumers better hardware as a router.. the issue with us having a just a master socket port and the router doing the VDSL connection is there isn’t a wide option of VDSL/All in one routers..

Customer service and lack of blame or admitting any issues is ridiculous and I’d go with hardly no customer service or technical support have been any help with getting down to the root issue.. a complete change to how good the support used to be years ago..

Because no one Openreach or Plusnet could admit to any fault or help their customer we have moved back to BT as they will provide an FTTP line to the house..

My opinion avoid Plusnet until they build in Ofcom’s Broadband Speed code for automatic detection of speed drops/faults. Provide better hardware to the end user and to get technical support who can do more than just do a line test..

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