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Credit Where Credit's Due

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Credit Where Credit's Due

Hearing of other users' experiences with customer service on the Plusnet Community Forum can make depressing reading but my recent experience was very different so I feel that it is only fair that I should provide some feedback.

On the 22nd of December my broadband service started to drop out occasionally, with the drop-outs gradually becoming more frequent along with an increase in noise on my 'phone line. By the following day I could not access the internet at all so having worked through Plusnet's help pages to determine that the fault was not with my wiring - plugging directly in to the master socket, swapping microfilters, running a quiet line test, etc. I ran Plusnet's 'phone troubleshooter which confirmed that the problem lay outside my property and raised a fault ticket for me as question #209632011.

An Openreach engineer arrived on Monday the 28th December and found and repaired two cable faults, one in the junction box where the telephone line entered my property and one in a cable duct under the pavement. The following day I received a call from a member of Plusnet's customer support team to check that I was satisfied that the fault had been resolved and to advise that he would perform a reset to remove the banding on my line if it was convenient to do so. The same agent called me back approximately 30 minutes later to confirm that the line had been reset and to check that everything was working correctly.

The whole process was painless from start to finish and I didn't have to call Plusnet at any point. Both Plusnet's customer service agent and Openreach's engineer were at all times professional and courteous and were a credit to their respective organisations. Thankyou!


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Re: Credit Where Credit's Due

@thewanderer Welcome to the forums. Good to hear a happy customer, and from experience those who get good service never seem to say 'thank you', sadly.

Like you, I've not come across a bad Plusnet agent, Help Team member or BTOR engineer, but I suppose that is because, as you did, I always follow procedure and make sure I've done all I can, and then if I have to call, I have all the required information noted in an easy to explain format.

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Re: Credit Where Credit's Due


A warm welcome to the forums.

It is truly refreshing to have a new user simply come to say thank you and recognise that for many service is good and fulfils expectations.  Sadly it seems to be the nature of many that they say nothing when things go right, but are sure to complain bitterly when things do not.

Unlike @jab1 I have seen more poor BT engineers than good ones, but the good ones have always been exceptional people.  In a male dominated role, in my experience the female engineers have been exceptionally good, going above and beyond their male counter parts in trying to locate the source of a fault.

As for Plusnet staff, they are generally great, but there are some who make silly mistakes in the advice that they give, making a first time fix difficult to achieve.

I hope you'll stick around the forums a while, possibly offer some help to others by encouraging them to follow your approach to the issue.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.