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Plusnet Customer Service is NOT always bad!

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Plusnet Customer Service is NOT always bad!

I should have written this post earlier! But any way my "Question 108919799" (for lossing Internet PPP) was handled by Plusnet's CS Mr Callum very efficiently. I waited about 4 minutes on the phone on a Sunday morning before answering by Mr Cullam. We had gone through some basic checks and concluded that it was their end's problem and maintainance work should be finished by 3PM same day and I was not required to do any thing except powering OFF/ON my router after 3PM that day. My internet was ALL recovered preciously after 3PM same day!!
So it was more or less a PAINLESS experience for contacting Plusnet CS for me and I praised that!
Thank you Plusnet
P.S: I had similar CS experience a few months ago and generally my FTTC reliability is'nt bad either.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet Customer Service is NOT always bad!

Thanks for the good feedback OCdragon2, I'll make sure it's passed on to Callum and their manager.
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