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Overseas Call Centre

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Overseas Call Centre

Well i never thought i would say it but i have cause to praise the overseas call centre , I suppose like everything you get good and bad . My previuos two attempts at communicating with a person overseas resulted in slammed down phone and comments about employing overseas parrots, but today i was shocked  Shocked . Had a problem with billing and again got through to overseas centre, thought "oh no not a hope here" . Spoke to a charming lady called Nompilo (she deserves to be named) ,Was polite , spotted the problem straight away and organised refund for overcharge .She also phoned me about 20 mins later to say there was a problem with referals being applied and she had notified the relevent team and would let me know when there was an update . Absolute grade A+ service . Maybe she could train some of the others (tongue in cheek comment  Roll eyes )
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Re: Overseas Call Centre

Please get her DD number and post it here please.
I have some open tickets that I need help on.