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No phone line

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No phone line

Cry my phone line went down on thursday april 23rd. used my mobile to report this. had to pay for the call even though it was an 0800 number. the next day an openreach engineer  phoned to say he was working on the job at the exchange and would ring back when it was complete. no reply. rang him on monday 27th; fault not at the exchange but in your street box. sending out an engineer. rang plusnet to complain; we have had a communication from openreach and they will come back to us in 24-48 hours. since then all the info that i get is "openreach will come back to us in 24-48 hours." today thursday 30th april; rang plusnet----same reply. they seem to be unable or do not want to contact openreach. i asked for a contact at openreach and was refused. asked for a contact at plusnet and was refused. eventually i demanded that a supervisor phone me back. eventually he did. not much use except that now suddenly there is a fault affecting may phones in the area. this needs council permission to "dig up/close/ temporary traffic lights/ roads to repair the fault.
estimated  repair complete date is friday 8th may.
the service when working from plusnet is fine when something like this goes wrong, they are just unable or unwilling to help. redirect phone calls would be an obvious service at no charge. some hope. at the end of this there will be a long letter requiring a refund of line rental, compensation and damages. i will follow the post and result of "rangertim" posting 13/07/2011 and subsequent posts  luckyman
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No phone line

I'm sorry to hear that this fault has affected you. You have summed up the situation in terms of the fault pretty well, and I can only really provide a small advance on that.
It looks like a joint needs to be remade somewhere along the line. I can see that council permission will be required to dig into, and fix the joint. I have to be honest and say that whilst they have given us a review date of the 8th, faults can often persist a bit longer when council permission is needed. This is because Openreach have to submit excavation drawings and forms, and it needs to be granted by multiple parties.
We'll check back on this date (or shortly after), and will provide you with an update. Of course, all downtime will be refunded back to you.
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