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Moving my service to new address - the process ?

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Moving my service to new address - the process ?

Can I inform you of a change of address and to initiate moving my Fibre Unlimited service by an online request ?
I am sure I read somewhere I need to phone up but apparently many people are experiencing waits of over an hour to get through. With all the preparations and organising changes for moving I cant sit on hold for that long.
My line rental and service is with BT so I realise I have to call them first and then provide a simultaneous order number back to Plus Net. Can anyone confirm the process to me and is there a separate Plus Net phone number that deals with change of address ?   
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Moving my service to new address - the process ?

Unfortunately you would need to call in to arrange this.
0800 013 2632 would be the best number to reach the housemove team on. At the moment the call queue is around 10 minutes Wink
To try and minimize hassle, its definitely worth getting the simultaneous order code from your phone provider first, if you haven't already.
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