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Insensitive and inefficient bereavement support

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Insensitive and inefficient bereavement support

I would like to reiterate comments made in previous posts regarding the very poor bereavement services provided by Plusnet. 

My father passed away in June.  With the notable exception of Plusnet, all companies that my family contacted had dedicated support lines and trained staff who dealt sensitively and efficiently with the emotionally difficult job of settling his affairs.   

This was the process with Plusnet:

1. Having phoned to give notice of my Dad’s death, we received a crassly worded email headed “Hello <Dad's name>. It informed my Dad that a question had been opened on his account. It made no reference to his death but expressed sadness that he had "decided to cancel his services".    


2. Having heard nothing further, in early August we phoned Plusnet and were told that the process triggered by the initial call had been flawed since it had not been (despite what we were told at the time) linked to bereavement.  We were told that my Dad's account was in credit and a refund would be posted as a cheque. We requested that a formal complaint be opened into the insensitive and inefficient way in which my Dad's case has been handled. We were assured that this would be done and in the meantime offered £25 as a “good will gesture”. This would be posted under separate cover and would not prejudice consideration of the complaint.

3. The cheque for the refund arrived addressed to the Executor as requested.  A few weeks later, my Dad’s former care home forwarded a letter addressed to Dad, with a cheque for £25 with my Dad as the payee.  In other words, yet another totally insensitive communication with a cheque made out to a dead person.

On September 2nd, we emailed Customer Services (copied to the Plusnet CEO) giving full details of this sorry saga.  At the time of writing, we have not had so much as an acknowledgment of this, nor had any response to the complaint raised in August. 

How is it that Plusnet can have such a breathtakingly poor process for dealing with the death of a customer and a truly appalling insensitivity to bereavement when communicating with relatives of the deceased?


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Insensitive and inefficient bereavement support

Thank you for reaching out to us @Houghton. First of all, I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the level of service you've received regarding this matter. I know that managing the affairs of a lost loved one is never easy and I am truly sorry if we have made this time any harder for you and your family.

This is certainly not the level of service that we aim to provide and I would like to make sure that we can assist in making things right as soon as possible. Please could you send me a Private Message with the username for your Dad's account and a number that we can reach you on to discuss this matter further?

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 Alex H
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Re: Insensitive and inefficient bereavement support

@TheMightyAJ  you forgot to remind the OP they will need to post a few more times before they can PM you.

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Re: Insensitive and inefficient bereavement support


I've fixed that for them @Mustrum  I manually changed their community rank Smiley 

 Jono H
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Re: Insensitive and inefficient bereavement support

Private message sent @TheMightyAJ 

Thank you for sorting this out @JonoH.