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Increased download speed

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Increased download speed

Hey Guys/Gals
Just logged onto the household plusnet fpri, account to say that after the dramas of earlier in the week you were having with download speeds (which we we suffered from) I've noticed today that the download speeds seem to have improved from the average of 1.5 - 1.7 MB/s to 2.5 MB/s or more (I saw 3.2 MB/s at one point today!).  This is great and I'm not complaining but I was wondering if there might be any reason behind this apparent increase in speed coming so soon after you solved that peak time downloads problem earlier this week?
Also I would love it if you as a business might be considering say a doubling of the monthly peak hours download limit, as a self confessed geek I have to ration my daily dose of video streaming/podcast downloading for fear of breaking the 120GB mark - would you guys ever consider increasing the package? It's the only downside to plusnet for me at the moment because unfortunately I can't seem to stream netflix overnight and watch it at a more appropriate time due to the video player plugin/script crashing after an exceptional period of time.
Anyway thank you!
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Increased download speed

Hi there,
To address your questions -
Regarding the speed increase, it'll most likely have been a combination of the network being balanced and also your profile updating on our side of things (not sure how much you've looked into how these things work, but we have a line profile that we mirror from the BT profile in order to make sure our traffic management systems are able to work effectively).
Unfortunately though other than allowing usage to be added to your account when you exceed your limit, which will cost £5 for each 5GB block, there's not much we can do about increasing the allowance I'm afraid.
Hope that helps,