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Happy customer

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Happy customer

My phone and broadband stopped working on Sunday last, I reported it via Livechat on Monday.  [CSA Removed] told me it was an external fault, would be fixed on Thursday 16 March, and I would not need to be present.  I received two texts from BT Openworld on Wednesday 15 March, to let me know the engineer was working on the job, and another to let me know he had finished and all was fixed.  There was also an app that could be accessed through a link on the text to monitor the progress of the work.  When I got home on Wednesday evening, all up and running again.  Very impressed with this level of service, and the fact that it was all done through the dreaded technology - it works if it is used properly!  Many thanks PlusNet, your efficiency is much appreciated.

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): CSA name removed as per Forum rules.

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Re: Happy customer

Hi @anncwalsh first of all a warm welcome to the community forums Smiley


Thanks for posting about your positive experience. It's good to hear back when things go to plan. Thumbs_Up

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