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Getting sick and tired of their attitude

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Getting sick and tired of their attitude

ok , a few weeks ago , they switched network , they refused to admit there was an issue over huge packet loss , untill it showed up on first page of google , and then admitted it ...



this morning ,connection drop every 2 minutes so i contact online chat .. not once but twice


theses guys are rude and incompetent , blame my router , my wireless  , then when i say " i stop you right there , i build computer and setup network for a living , the issue is provider side not customer side" , they close the chat on me and throw me the chat survey ...


you guys need to pull the fingers out of your backside and stop treating customer like [-Censored-] , WE pay you , not the other way around


i will make an official complain to whoever is in charge above your head , customer right or whoever i need to contact to make things right , sick and tired of being treated like im dumb and lied to when the service i pay for is not working in decent way


PS : online chat says " i do not see any issues in our service"


yeah sure it's my router


yup it;s just me

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Re: Getting sick and tired of their attitude

Shoddy service is an understatement Sad cant believe that they hardly put the info on there site when they have issues either. No ref about the packet loss no ref this morning regarding intermittent connections.... a joke of a company
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Re: Getting sick and tired of their attitude

Belive it or not ,,,, They once were excelllent here Embarrassed

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Re: Getting sick and tired of their attitude

I'll be looking at this once I get back to my desk, apologies for the poor experience.

Right, I've read over the transcripts, and it didn't look like a great chat, so apologies for this. I'll feed back. However I do have to say that there's no actual drops in connection other than when you have restarted your router (presuming this as you mentioned it in the chat):



The fact that you are finding disconnects as little as every 2 minutes sound odd, as your line tests near perfect.

What is it exactly that you see in terms of disconnects? Screenshots in a PM may be helpful.


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