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First impressions 2/5

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First impressions 2/5

Well, end of first week, and here are first impressions:
. Am on the web, mercifully, but setting up email is a nightmare, and the wizards have no magic.
on the plus side
- adequate web service, but only adequate. Speed appalling, as before, and as expected.
on the minus side:
email a nightmare to set up, with a profusion of usernames and passwords. Tried at least 5 email clients......
the username+mailbox business does not seem to be understood by the rest of the world, and when email is sent, it is copied back to my sending mailbox.
Now for my main beef.... please excuse the minor expletives....
                                  - you are not guarding Fort Knox, and the security measures are both ineffective and very, very irksome. Case sensitive user data simply inflame the legit user, and are no real obstruction to the bad guys, if any. We all know this, so WHY DO YOU STILL USE case-sensitivity, or why not indeed give the user the option to set it or not.
                      These bloody things are the bane of my life, and I know I am not alone. It's ok for you twenty-somethings, but when you get to my age, it becomes really difficult. Many of my age have deteriorating vision and the voice files are worse than useless.They don't keep out the bad guys either.  Captchas become quite impossible on a mobile phone.You just can't read them from a tiny screen AND YOU DON'T NEED THEM.
I know you will bang on about "security" but it doesn't really exist, as we all know (don't say Data Protection - that will really get me going) but YOU DON'T BENEFIT FROM PSEUDO-SECURITY MEASURES WHICH OBSTRUCT ONLY LEGIT USERS AND DRIVE THEM TO THE EDGE OF MADNESS.
A tip for fellow sufferers from case hypersentivity. If you make all your passwords from alternating case letters -PaSsWoRd it will be easy to remember and will make case-sensitive "security" a thing of the past.
I wish you all strength!!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: First impressions 2/5

Thanks for your feedback on your experience of getting started with us.
- adequate web service, but only adequate. Speed appalling, as before, and as expected.

Can I ask you to specify what speeds you are receiving at the moment? That can be tested here:
if your'e speeds are in anyway lower than expected than we can help you with that.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team